Sights Along The Way

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On something of a Wonder Woman kick lately, if just because I’ve heard nothing but sneering at her different story arcs but I’ve never really read them for myself. The “All-New All-Different” Wonder Woman of the early 70s (during which period she was repeatedly saddled with “The Incredible I-Ching and…” hogging her masthead) was a frantic mess, sword-and-sorcery one issue, gothic horror the next, social drama following that, and then ninjas - but hey, maybe embrace that spontaneity, right? What if all the Wonder Woman story elements were considered legit, all the stupid and the stupendous alike, you’d have the most unique hero comic on the market.

Anyway, in the above two titles, Diana Prince crosses over with the legends of heroic lore, fighting against the armies of Ares with the valkyrie hordes of Brunnhilde backing her up, with an assist from Roland, SIegried, Lancelot, El Cid and “the rest”, and then meets up with Fritz Lieber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (!) in their comic book debut!

(Working on an overview of Wonder Woman’s different eras right now for Gone&Forgotten, gonna be a lo-o-o-oong piece…)

"Doin’ the Lord’s work". Look forward to that article!